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Gecko Frontal Storm

Solvent based paints for outdoor storage on PE


Complete range of highly pigmented nitrocellulose-based plurisolvent inks for use in frontal printing on flexible films for outdoor storage.

Used e.g. for peat and soil bags with high demands on weather fastness. Available as ready formulated paint or as modular system, based on monopigmented concentrates and system additive for use in paint dosing systems.

Printing Process

  • Flexographic

Special Properties

  • Very high weather fastness in combination with lightfast pigments
  • Excellent reproduction of halftone and spot colors
  • Good mechanical fastness properties
  • Low solvent retention
  • Very high blocking resistance
  • Heat-seal strength after overcoating

Suitable substrates

White or transparent PE

Additional Information

Most resistances are determined by the appropriate selection of Gecko Base concentrates and the properties of the pigments they contain. Other physical properties are determined by the colour series.
The weather resistance of printed materials during outdoor storage depends not only on the choice of ink, but also on a number of other parameters. Therefore, we recommend testing the resistances under the specific conditions of the final application.
Only weather-resistant pigments according to our Technical Information may be used for the Gecko Base System. If the standard cyan pigment (PB 15:4) is used for printing on packaging for compost or garden soil, special care should be taken to avoid the risk of pigment degradation.
Available as ready-to-use inks or as a dosing recipe in a mixing system, these inks are produced from the monopigmented Gecko Base concentrates and the Gecko Storm system additive.

Technical Informations